Spotless H2O Stories

Spotless Water a life changing event? Yup.

 I was introduced to deionized water in CR Spotless’ early days back in 2004 when Chuck (founder) was doing residential service confined to San Diego. A good friend just picked up an RV and saw an ad in the local RV trader for water that didn’t leave a spot. Too good to be true, I thought, as I have an ‘obsession’ that has been confused with CDO…it’s like OCD except the letters are in the appropriate order…

At the time, I was flying airplanes that, in some cases, had literally been split in half and reassembled with a new center section (one by-product of landing airplanes on aircraft carriers is the stress involved on the landing gear attach points…and the 7+ G’s put on the airframe stressed the wing attach points so the Navy figured out how to crack the plane in half and replace the ‘center barrel’ vice strike the aircraft. This saved the taxpayers $B of dollars). The good news is I got to make sure the trees still got small at the end of the runway when I pulled back on the stick.

After my first use of DI water, I immediately knew that I had discovered a true game-changer…something that radically changed how I took care of my cars. While I couldn’t afford the newest/greatest/most bad-ass car possible, that didn’t matter: I took care of what I had to the best of my ability and this new elixir made it uber-easy.

     And so simple. My engine compartments all looked like the car just rolled off the assembly line. I didn’t spend time polishing the clear coat anymore because it didn’t get marred by the towel drying. And my clean windows on my homekept my wife happy = happy life. And one time, long ago, I was told that if you can cover the bills while pursuing your passion, then you’ll never call it work…

     So here I am- retired from the US Navy and not ‘working’ (please don’t tell my Mrs!) and enjoying the opportunity to spread the good word about deionized water and hearing all the great life-changing stories in the process. The bonus is having Chuck, a ‘shipmate’ (affectionate term for Navy Vet), at the helm as we work together to help Make America Shine™ while doing our best to become 100% MADE IN USA (a primary mission objective for both of us).

     So share your story with us. Share it on Facebook. Help us show the world how deionized water makes you feel like you’re going so fast that what you just said is still behind you, and hasn’t caught up with you yet…..

Author: John Fernandez

From: san diego, California

Owner since: 04/2005

Spotless Water Stories

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