Wash Bucket with Grit Guard



Don’t risk your work surface by overlooking the most basic element of a quality wash: a bucket specifically designed to keep your mitts outta the dirt!

Proudly offering another product MADE IN USA.

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They’ve been around for awhile but are often overlooked because, well, a bucket is just a bucket, right? Kind of like all water is the same…but you know better and if you’re not using a bucket with a Grit Guard, you’re likely introducing the swirl marks we work so hard to eliminate by creating water that doesn’t require drying off with a towel.

So we bring you a bucket with a screw-top lid (that has its own o-ring so the contents won’t spill if the lid is attached and the bucket falls over) and the patented Grit Guard. All MADE IN USA so feel good about getting your shine on as, together, we Make America Shine®.

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Weight 3 lbs

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