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Rain Some Love on your Sled with Double Chuck!

CR Spotless took over a decade of experience serving tens of thousands with the magic behind the science of deionized water and created a proprietary system with more capacity that is 100% MADE IN USA!

With almost a half cubic foot of deionized filter media, the Double Chuck will provide about 400 gallons of *spotless* water that will allow you to Wash, Rinse and Walk Away® without fear of dreaded water spots. System is on wheels that allows for easy placement around your work surface and at only 23″ tall, fits in nearly all RV bays and beneath the workbench as well.

 Simple Chuck orders are fulfilled by Spotless Water Systems LLC (owner of Simple Chuck and CR Spotless) through CRSPOTLESS.COM where you’ll be redirected to place your order. 


Unit is ready to go upon arrival and includes the following:

  • Stainless Steel input hose
  • Pressure Regulator (use if you are unsure if your feed pressure is below 70 psi)
  • Quick disconnects for the input/output hoses
  • Wheels and foldable handle
  • No need for a TDS meter- the filter on right side changes color when expired!

Simply remove the Simple Chuck from the box, attach the pressure regulator to your hose spigot (IMPORTANT: system has a 70 psi pressure limit and you must use regulator if you don’t know your supply pressure. System performance is not reduced by use of supplied pressure regulator), attach the included stainless steel line to your spigot or pressure regulator then attach your garden hose (or pressure washer!) to the output side and wash to your heart’s content! After use, be sure to turn off the water supply and detach or ‘squeeze the nozzle’ to depressurize the system.

Stop system use when the bottom two colored panels turn from blue to gold. Simple Chuck should be stored away from direct sunlight as this could overheat the filter media and reduce the life of the filters. Of course, you could use the unit all day in the sun w/o worry but please keep your Simple Chuck away from storage in direct sunlight.

Really Cool Accessory

If you would like to be able to switch from regular old hose water to deionized water with the flip of a lever, check out the video below for operation or click on the directions posted below the video.


Spotless Water Systems Bypass Kit Instructions

Buy Your Bypass Accessory Now

Which System Is Right For Me?

We are often asked, “Which one is best for me- Simple Chuck or CR Spotless?” so here’s a quick summary of the features of each system to better help you make the right choice for your application:


You can see the CR Spotless System here

Simple Chuck is 23″ tall x 10.25″ deep x 16.5″ wide.

Simple Chuck replacement cartridges are available via FedEx or in-store and ordering is, well, simple.  When you want a fresh set, you purchase by phone or online and a fresh set will arrive in 2-7 days (locale dependent). Simply drop the expired cartridges in the shipping container, attach the prepaid label, and give ’em to your favorite FedEx driver!

Best said by one of our *spotless* family members:

“Received the wash system mid day today and a huge THANK YOU for expediting it to me. I just finished washing the coach and it blew me away just how spotless it turned out. It’s incredible and saved me hours of extra work drying and detailing the spots a normal wash would leave behind. The wife drove up after it was done and her first response was “Wow…that’s amazing”. Well worth every penny. I’ll be sharing my experience as everyone should know how to wash their toys spot free. Thanks again for making this happen.” ~ Frank K.

Your Simple Chuck is even better when paired with Simple Chuck’s Suds ‘n Shine 🙂

Additional information

Weight 45 lbs

9 reviews for SIMPLE CHUCK

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Steve Erickson (verified owner)

    Got my ‘Simple Chuck’ system yesterday, used it this morning. BEST $370 I’ve ever spent!!! Was actually doubtful it would be as good as described BOY was I WRONG… it REALLY works….. I always wash my cars by hand and it usually takes 2 1/2 hours plus per car, drying them was the worst! Today I was done in 1 hour! I just stood there as my vehicle dried and was amazed that there were NO spots! It was awesome! I also noticed the dreaded runs of water from the body trim didn’t result in white streaks after they dried! The vehicle also seems shinier, but that could be my imagination… I’m still amazed I was done in one hour, and that would have been quicker but in my routine of washing I must open every door, hood, or hatch and wipe them out when I’m done, so that added some time… why did I give it 4 stars instead of 5? I will gladly change it once I see how long the resin pack lasts… I’m hoping it’s not something I’m changing monthly…..time will tell……..if you’re borderline about trying one- just do it- you won’t regret it. Expensive, yes, but my time is worth something….and the time I’m saving per vehicle is priceless!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Renaldo Pereida (verified owner)

    Bought mine when they offered the introductory price before release so I’ve had it over a year I can’t recommend this enough I have multiple vehicles and motorcycles and not to mention windows on the house that just simplifies everything that you want to keep spotfree and clean.
    Thanks guy’s for an awesome product.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    John Fowler (verified owner)

    I bought this to use on our 40 ft motorhome. There’s no way I’m going to hand dry that beast and the water here in Arizona is very hard. I use the deionized water, with a $99 Ryobi 1600 psi/1.2 gpm pressure washer from Home depot for final rinse only. Wash and pre-rinse use tap water. THIS REALLY WORKS !! There are NO spots. Now I use it on the motorcycles as well and the chrome dries spot free. The pressure washer really makes much more efficient water use. I use only 20 gals to rinse for the entire motorhome and wheels. It is a little awkward to move around with the small wheels – but it’s not that heavy and has a neat handle to pick it up.

  4. Rated 1 out of 5

    Chris Ingersoll

    Problems from day one. I wanted to bad for this product to work as advertised. I have tried everything you can think of to make sure the conditions were optimal, water pressure to the unit, following all instructions and so on. Yet after battling through just 7 total washes using this since I purchased in August of 17 not only was it a battle but it appears not to be 100% clogged. Wash numbers 4-6 the blue grains began to spray out through the nozzle onto my car. Wash number 7 water quit coming through the unit entirely. I live in the Phoenix Arizona area where weather is not an issue. Prior to posting this review I made an attempt to reach Simple Chuck requesting either a refund or a replacement unit. No response. Maybe the unit I have is a lemon and their product overall is not. I would like for them to make this right. I spent a lot of money to barely get 6 total washes. The car is a Shelby GT500 so I’m not washing an RV with this thing.

  5. John Fernandez (verified owner)

    We obviously dropped the ball on this one (re: Chris Ingersoll’s Double Chuck). While it would be easy to just ‘delete’ Chris’ comment and move on, it would also be unethical to only keep those posts we love to read. We reached out to Chris and we took care of him just like we do all the folks who enjoy using our products and have an occasional hiccup. While we always prefer a phone call first to help resolve any issues, we appreciate any time taken to help us get better so tomorrow is a better place for all of us.

    Co-Founder, Simple Chuck LLC

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Randy T. (verified owner)

    This system is the best thing that has happened to us! We have a large hanger full of private aircraft and (of course) the owners require a spotless bird whenever it rolls out. Using our Double Chuck has easily cut down time to wash by 50% and the aircraft look absolutely stunning after they dry.

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Steven Capuano

    Used my Double Chuck for the first time on my Jeep CJ7 over this past weekend. So far, I’m impressed with the quality of the unit, set up, and how it works as advertised. I was a little skeptical on spending $399 for a wash system, but I can see now how much time and effort I’ll save not having to hand dry windows and paint.

    I’m looking forward to using this on my new 35′ DP RV, all other vehicles, and even the house windows to save my sweat and elbow grease. So simple, Steve will use it! Thanks…

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    James T. (verified owner)

    I believe I owe Simple Chuck an honest review after owning the double chuck for a little over a year now. Since day 1, I’m very thankful to come across a product that provided the luxury of having spot free water available at my own home. I did encounter an issue in which the excellent customer service took care of right away. Definitely makes it much easier than dealing with do it yourself car wash places, where their crap worked half the time. I use the double chuck combined with an electric sun Joe 2300 psi 1.7 gpm pressure washer. After 12 months, I am barely changing out the resin cartridges. Thanks to simple chuck for making my life easier in keeping my vehicles spot free!

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    Matt R.

    This spotless DI water system works great! Awesome product!!! Very portable unit. Leaves no water spots on paint surface. Requires no drying of vehicle after washing and then rinsing with the deionized (DI) water. I’m using an electric pressure washer with 1.2 gpm and I’m averaging 5 gallons of DI water used per car wash. Filter life will depend on your local water quality and how much water you use.

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    Chris Marion

    This system is amazing!! Washed a F250 extended cab and bed and let it air dry in 92 degree heat and not one spot . I am a mobile detailer and this has saved me a ton of time and problems when the temperatures are this hot. Haven’t changed the “filter” yet but looks easy and quick

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