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Saying all microfiber towels are equal is like saying our water is just like everybody else’s. Be sure you’re using a towel with the maximum loft possible that evenly distributes your application pressure and this towel easy beats the rest. Each towel is 16″x16″ and is 520 gsm (that’s nearly 75 grams per towel!).

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The Best Towel for those Epic Wipes!

Manufacturers raised the bar with a polyester/polyamide combination that ditches the traditional closed loop weave. And to up the ante, they figured out how to laser cut the edges to relieve the user of any potential for inducing any scratches.

The litmus test for a quality towel is to rub a CD as hard as you would apply or buff off any product applied to your car, truck or RV. If the towel scratches the CD, then you can expect same on your clear coat. The green towel is not only less than half as plush, but it also scratched the CD…ugh!

These laser cut towels may exhibit a bit of loose threads over the course of the first few uses and these can easily be trimmed off with scissors without hurting the towel. You should never wash the towel with any cotton product nor put it in a hot clothes dryer (you may toss it in a delicate dry cycle). These towels will also suck up contaminates and ‘hide them’…this is a beneficial by-product that keeps the dirt you may wipe off from simply getting dragged across your work surface. The other side of this coin is if you ever drop this towel in the dirt, discontinue use until you wash it.


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