Chuck’s Quick e’ Shine


Spray On, Wipe Off to a Buttery Gloss

Chuck’s Quick e Shine has just the right amount of ‘shiny goodies’ that makes it easy to use while providing a beautiful shine. We specifically designed this so it can be used across this great nation in all temperatures and humidity levels…and in direct sunlight…and can even be applied to a wet car. It actually loves being applied to a car that has a bit of deionized water drying on it! Made in USA in a USA-made bottle dispensed with a USA-made trigger. #makingamericashine

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If it isn’t easy, Chuck (Founder, CR Spotless) won’t use it. Thus all products in the Simple Chuck line ‘just gotta be easy to use’. So we also developed a line of car care products with that in mind.

Quick e Shine (16oz)

Quick e’ Spray is also designed to be used in direct sunlight and is a durable polymer blend that is less temperature sensitive than most other quick detail spray products and can be easily applied to a wet car and buffed off. Has a unique blend that produces a scent that will remind you of comfort and joy…let us know what you think!


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