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Drying a Motor Coach, well, sucks!

By June 12, 2017 No Comments

Ok, the title may be a little off to some people, but it is true, drying a 45 foot motor coach really does, well, suck. I mean come on, you need to keep moving a ladder, keep changing your towels, and you still end up with some streaks. Not to mention putting anything else on the coach can and dose add “spider web” type micro scratches and thus drying surely adds to that type of look.

So now enter deionized water (Di) and oh my, not only has it changed the way I clean our coach, and Jeep, but now has also helped many other coach and RV owners do the same. I had long that that Di water was out of reach cost wise as it really seemed to be costly to maintain, But then when I factored in the number of rinses I I could get and divided the cost by that. I quickly realized I could save SO MUCH MONEY and do the job better myself vs paying to have it done. After all, the only think really stopping me was that I hated drying the dang coach!!! Wetting, using a foam canon for soap, and then rinsing with Di water makes short work of washing a 45 foot coach.

Now with Di water washing has never been the same and I love the looks and comments I get from people who walk by saying…”Have fun drying it.” I just smile and say “I’ll be done in 30 minutes” to which I get a…”Yeah right!” I just smile.

Thanks CR Spotless and now Double Simple Chuck for a consumer friendly product!

Author: David Bott

From: Byron, New York

Owner since: 05/2015