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Black is back…

I like to have nice things that are well taken care of, but to be perfectly honest, I’m not enthused about washing and detailing my cars. I don’t knock it, it’s just not my cup of tea and there’s a long list of alternative activities I’d much rather be spending time doing. For these reasons, when I do decide to apply some elbow grease to keeping the chariots clean, it has to be quick and simple! Otherwise, it’s off to the car wash I go… and we all know how well that works out, right? I’m fine with paying good money for a good service, but let’s face it. Most hand car wash services are ok at best and typically cause more harm than good (at least based on my personal experience). Pro detailers are an option, but an expensive one that I’ll only consider from time to time (never on a regular basis).

When I experienced spotless water for the very first time a little over a year ago, I think it’s safe to say the my mental wiring got a little re-did. I washed my SUV and it took everything in me not to wipe it down after cleaning it using spotless water. I just knew that if I found spots anywhere on that car after taking the time to wash it, then I would’ve been totally bugged by the complete waste of time. But boy was I surprised! The car was so spotless I rushed over to my mom’s place the following day to wash both of their black luxury cars in a successful attempt to recreate the unbelievable outcome (and shine). And despite also being sure that their cars would be completely spotted if I didn’t wipe them down, both my parents were floored by the same towel and spot free results! Today, I wouldn’t even think of washing our cars without our spotless water system.

Once upon a time, despite my wife wanting a black SUV for years, I said I’d never even consider owning a black car again. I thought keeping it clean would just be a hassle. Spotless water has since done a 180 on my mind. So much so that as of just a few months ago, my wife finally got her black SUV.

Thanks, Simple Chuck! #BlackIsBack

Author: Allan

From: Carlsbad, California

Owner since: 08/2016

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