Deionized Water Filter System

No water spots. No towel drying. No elbow grease. Guaranteed!

Watch How it Works

What's the worst part about washing your vehicle?


Using your standard water supply, the Double Chuck produces spotless water that makes it possible to Just Wash, Rinse, and Walk Away!®

RV, car, truck, toy hauler, yacht, and boat washing has never been more simple...and quick!

Tap Water

The unfiltered tap water supply to your home’s outside faucet and sprinklers are full of salts, minerals, and calciums. When left to dry in the sun, these natural elements  leave behind unsightly water spots on your paint finish. Untreated over time, they even become painfully difficult to remove.

Spotless Water

The Double Chuck removes 100% of the salts, minerals, and calciums from your tap water supply through a process called deionization.  The result is pure H2O containing zero elements that can create water spots.  100% spot free even with no towel drying in the heat of the sun!


Couldn’t be more simple! Here’s how it works:

  • Use the filters until the color change indicator changes from blue to gold.
  • Time for new filters? Place order online and we’ll send you a fresh set for only $89.95 plus shipping.
  • Your filter order arrives and includes a prepaid FedEx Ground return label (we pay the return shipping cost of your used filters).
  • Place the used filter cartridges in the waterproof bags (included) and into shipping box, affix the prepaid label, and drop off at nearest local FedEx/Kinkos.
  • Rinse and repeat (no pun intended).